Raising Awareness of the Dangers of Driver Fatigue

January 12, 2022

Driver Fatigue Infographic

According to the RSA, Driver Fatigue is one of the main contributors  of 1 in every 5 road traffic crashes on Irish roads. During CIF Safety Week 2021, Wm. O’Brien highlighted the importance of Driver Safety and Fatigue Maintenance. In any industry, but greatly in the crane industry, whether you are a crane driver, site supervisor, traveling salesman or office worker you could be working long hours and over long distances. But these are not the only contributor to driver fatigue, it is essential that workers are taking care of themselves and their mental wellbeing’s.


It is vitally important that you raise awareness of the warning signs but also the tips and tricks that you can implement to avoid an unfortunate accident from happening.


Stress can cause a number of changes in a person, this can be described as work stress, family and home stress or even financial stress. These can all take a toll on you and can affect your sleeping, eating habits as well as your day-to-day functions.


We created this infographic during CIF Safety Week 2021 and it showcases some of the most beneficial tips and tricks that can be used when you or a co-worker are feeling tired.

Author: Shannon White


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