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Our customers trust that by working with us, they are working with a team who ensures quality work delivered to the highest levels of health, safety and wellbeing for our team and the people we work with, as well as the wider public and the environment.

One of the First Heavy Lift Companies Globally to Achieve ISO 45001

As safety is so integral to the way we operate, when ISO 45001, the new Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Standard replacing OHSAS 18001, was released we immediately worked on migrating our system to these higher requirements. We were delighted to be one of the first heavy lift companies in the world to receive ISO 45001 certification in 2019.

The new Standard, in contrast to OHSAS 18001, involves taking a more proactive approach to managing risk by incorporating health and safety in the overall management system of the company. This drives our senior management to take an even greater leadership role in implementing its objectives and further embedding health and safety at the core of all we do.

Integrated Management System

Wm. O’Brien is committed to comply with and continually improve the effectiveness of our integrated management system which incorporates ISO9001_2015 (quality management system) ISO14001_2015 (environmental management system) and ISO 45001_2019 (OH&S system).

Our processes and procedures that dictate how we do business are certified to the highest ISO Standards but for us it’s not just about having a certification. It’s about ensuring these requirements are a living part of our work – requirements we constantly meet and strive to exceed.


What does EHSQ mean to Wm. O'Brien?


EHSQ are core values built into every task we perform.


Ongoing investment in our employees to train them in the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge in order to achieve these requirements.


Safe practices are at the forefront of every employee’s working day and we ensure procedures that promote an ongoing safe environment are embedded in our work methods.


All our team share the responsibility of their own safety, and the safety of their co-workers as well as the people and environment in which they operate.


Encouraging open lines of communication, increasing awareness throughout the team, and nurturing a positive safety culture.


Carrying out regular audits, inspections and surveys of all sites and activities to ensure compliance with and adherence to our standards and requirements.

Continuous Training

Continuous Training

We operate a comprehensive training and development programme for our team to ensure they are competent to perform their duties to the highest standards. Courses include working from heights, Safe Pass, manual handling and lift supervisor/ appointed person training, as well as ensuring everyone’s medicals are up to date.

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Our dedicated EHSQ team coordinate both offsite and onsite training, as well as provide everyone with the correct Personal Protective Equipment and tools to perform their jobs in the safest possible manner.

Zero Harm

Zero Harm

The objective of Zero Harm is something we are completely committed to at Wm. O’Brien. It is achieved through a constant focus on doing the small things consistently right. No short cuts.

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Our ongoing safety record is testament to our commitment to a culture of safety across our entire operations. It doesn’t just happen but needs constant commitment from everyone and we continuously encourage the team to never get complacent when it comes to working safely. Safety performance is measured constantly. Regular site audits and inspections are an integral part of how we do business and all team members are actively encouraged to report on anything they feel isn’t right, so no matter how small something might be - nothing gets neglected or ignored. Team engagement and continuous two-way communication across all staff is fundamental. This is also reinforced by ongoing compliance with the most up to date legislation and standards. We believe it’s about always paying attention to the little details that keep us all safe.

Risk Management

Risk Management

The sectors we operate in present serious challenges in terms of managing risks. By choosing to work with Wm. O’Brien our customers are reducing their risk and getting peace of mind knowing they are working with the safest hands in the industry.

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The on-site management of heavy lift cranes and equipment needs both a high level of expertise and competence. With over 60 years’ experience, combined with a culture which is embedded with the highest levels of EH&S best practice, we continuously deliver our clients’ projects safely and successfully. A heavy lift itself needs careful planning to alleviate risk, but it is far from the only element. When you are dealing with large cranes, mobilisation, rigging, derigging, on-site movement and demobilisation are all inherently risky and require expertise, detailed planning and management to ensure no accidents or incidents occur at any stage of the project. The foundation to best managing risk is about multiple levels of pre-planning and having an experienced team with the most effective equipment in place to do the job. Each project is planned in detail, identifying areas that require attention and focusing in on areas of concern.

Assessing Risks

Completing Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) for a specific job enables us to identify the potential environmental, health and safety hazards and allow us to implement measures to carry out work in the safest way possible. RAMS are completed by our competent, experienced personnel with knowledge of the planned works (including Senior Appointed Persons, engineers, crane operators, etc). Input from other team members involved in the job is important too.
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Risk assessments allow us to:

  • Identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm (hazard identification)
  • Analyse and evaluate the risk associated with that hazard (risk analysis and risk evaluation)
  • Determine appropriate ways to eliminate the hazard, or control the risk when the hazard cannot be eliminated (risk control)

Method Statements allow us to:

  • Draw detailed steps on how to complete the job and avoid the risk identified in the risk assessment
  • Understand the hazards and risks associated with each sequence of the work
  • Carry out the work in a structured and controlled manner
  • Use the controls specified to reduce the risk of injury, ill health or damage
  • Carry out the work safely

It is important that every member of a team working on a job reads through and understands the RAMS. This reduces risk significantly and helps to keep everyone safe.

Sometimes, the scope of work can change last minute on a job and deviate slightly from the prepared RAMS. When this happens, it is important to determine whether the risks and hazards have also changed and the RAMS may need to be revised.

Caring for our Cranes and Equipment

We also pride ourselves in taking great care of our cranes and equipment. Our experienced mechanical team carry out regularly servicing and any maintenance that is required.

Each morning our drivers carry out a visual inspection of their crane and send in a GA2 form to our Operations Department ensuring that anything that needs attention gets sorted as soon as possible. Our cranes and lifting gear go through rigorous inspections on a 6-month, annual and 4-yearly cycle.

Our trucks receive standard CVRT checks as well as 6-month voluntary tests at authorised test centres and all documentation is stored via our integrated management system.

All our vehicles are monitored using a state-of-the-art GPS system which tracks their location and fuel consumption enabling us to better manage the fleet and provide detailed feedback to customers.

Download our EHSQ certifications and documents here

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 45001 Certificate

EH&S & Quality Policy

Wm. O'Brien Safety Statement

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