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At Wm. O’Brien our heavy lift services transform complex customer needs into successful innovative solutions, delivered safely, on time and on budget. We are your problem solvers. No matter what your challenge, we will find the right solution for you.

Headquartered in Ireland, we work on heavy lift projects right across Europe, as well as from America to Egypt and Norway to Barbados. Our customers take our project teams from one country to the next, knowing that our can-do attitude will ensure that no matter what unique challenges a project brings, our committed team will deliver the perfect solution. We create long term relationships with our customers based on trust, confidence and reliability.

We help minimise risk for our customers by managing all the complexities around heavy lift projects. Over the last 7 decades there are very few challenges we haven’t come up against and have consequently developed vast experience in dealing with the most challenging and complicated of situations.

We commit to working to the highest international standards, with ISO 45001 accreditation (one of the first crane hire companies in the world to be certified), as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Our values are created through the culture our team nurtures with their attitude and work ethic on site and in our offices, and through the way we communicate with our customers, suppliers and each other.These values don’t just hang on the wall – they are the ‘how we work’ every day.


Problem Solvers

We work hard to solve our customers' problems. We endeavour to continuously find solutions to problems that arise for our customers, and also do our utmost not to bring problems to site.


Health, Safety & Environment

Engrained in our DNA, health, safety and the environment is at the forefront of everything we do. It’s our way of life at Wm. O’Brien and a responsibility shared equally across the whole team.



We know that by working together with our customers and each other we can create incredible synergies with a combined effect far greater than the sum of our separate parts.



What we say, we do. We are fully committed to delivering on our promises and work hard to make them happen.

Our People

Our team brings passion, experience and integrity to every project whilst continuously delivering intelligent flexible solutions. Here are some of our people:

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - William O'Brien

William O'Brien


Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Seamus Corbett

Seamus Corbett

Director of Operations

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Mick Cotter

Mick Cotter

Operations Supervisor

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Antonio da Silva

Antonio da Silva

Crane Operator

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Dave Maher

Dave Maher

Project Manager

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Gavin McBride

Gavin McBride

International Business Development Manager

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Noel O'Connor

Noel O'Connor

Crane Operator

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Sean O'Herlihy

Sean O'Herlihy

Operations Manager

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Ger O'Riordan

Ger O'Riordan

Crane Operator

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Joe O'Toole

Joe O'Toole

Appointed Person

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Cathy Rice

Cathy Rice

HR Manager / Finance Administrator

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Shannon White

Shannon White

Marketing Manager

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Zae-Beth Bateman

Zae-Beth Bateman

Financial Controller

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Gordon McKnight

Gordon McKnight

Business Development Manager

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Giorgo Papantonis

Giorgo Papantonis

US Business Development Manager

Wm O'Brien Crane hire - Accounts Administrator

Accounts Administrator

Annamarie Fitzgerald


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