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Dismantling the Oldest Working Gantry Crane

Dismantling the Oldest Working Gantry Crane

Client: Doyle Shipping Group


Location: Greenore Port, Co Louth, Ireland


Date: May 2019


Cranes: LTM11200, LTM1500, LTM1140 & a LTM1090


Heaviest load: 124t


Our scope for the Doyle Shipping Group project was to dismantle a 50+ year old port crane as it had come to the end of its useable life and was going to be recycled once taken down. We carried out several site visits and consultations with our client and the PSDP (Project Supervisor Design Process) prior to commencement of the site works.


Work commenced in late May with Wm. O’Brien taking on the role of PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage). One of the major challenges was the quay wall had deteriorated over time and was not suitable to set up a large capacity mobile crane within 12m of the shore side. This meant that we had to use one of our LTM11200 in TYVEN configuration to hoist the front of the port crane but first we had to remove the 23t derrick boom.


The next step was to set up the LTM1500 in main boom configuration with 135t of ballast to hoist the rear of the port crane while the LTM11200 hoisted the front of the port crane.  Bogies were removed and the port crane was lowered to the ground. We then continued to cut the legs in sections and lower until the main beam was resting across both rails.


This project was completed accident/incident free, on time and on budget.

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